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Thursday, October 25, 2012


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Wearing: BCBG Dress; Steve Madden Wedges; Betsey Johnson charm necklace; mix of vintage and costume pearls

I love Betsey Johnson.
When my mother told me I had to do this contest to win $500 shopping spree I had to do!
How about my hair and makeup?! Doesn't it rock?!
My best friend, Monica Dunn graciously styled me and I fell in love. I felt like I was ready to walk down the catwalk! Oh how I love runway hair!
After I put the pics on the computer I realized something... OH MY GAWD... I spelt Betsey wrong!!!!
I forgot the "E" that's like spelling Marc Jacobs without an "S" IT'S HORRIBLE!
I have been stressing about it all evening not only because I am a perfectionist but I feel a little embarrassed...but I continue to remind myself...what are you suppose to do?!
Sometimes I rush things...or I start thinking about other things while doing something...it's called I need to pay better attention to detail.
But what am I gonna do...I bet you wouldn't haven't even noticed right?!!! wink wink.
I will be adding a few new things to my blog...an "About Me" and a button from Horses and Heels.
Do you like the new header?!
Today has been a happy day...I COMPLETED ALLL MY REAL ESTATE SCHOOL!!!
I received all my certificates and applied for my state board test in 6 weeeks. I never thought I would finish school. This is such an exciting huge step in my life...so now its study,study, study!!
I am ready to wind down and finish this day...Hope everyone has a beautiful evening.
Please like my pics on instagram...fingers crossed for my win!!
Which ones your fave?
Love ya!

"Love is the disease of the heart...in the end, there
is no treatment curable and it might just kill you."
Betsey Johnson

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles"
Audrey Hepburn

instagram: @caliiforniadreamin

Wearing: Blondie Tank, Silence & Noise skinny high wasted jeans, Steve Madden Wedges, mix of vintage and costume pearls, vintage broach.

I vote in heels!
I really feel this year our vote is very important...I would actually vote for Ron Paul but I feel I need to be logical (due to the fact he is not in the running) and save my vote for
Mitt Romney to make sure I add the extra vote(even though we know it really doesn't matter)!
I am a little scared for who gets President...not only for my own safety but for our troops...and a little more extra being that my brother is in the Air Force.
Anyways, Cat is one of my dearest friends. She has a very special place in my heart. As a mutual friend, she helped me accomplish a huge bump in the road that I could not have succeeded without her. From that moment on she means so much to me.  Cat is a gorgeous, invigorating woman and always makes me laugh!
I adore all her and love all her tats and love that she can rock dramatic makeup.
 She will be a friend until death.
Love ya!

"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it
to me when my memory fails."
Donna Roberts

Saturday, October 13, 2012



As Ice Cube once said, "Today was a good day."
I didn't win any money but I drew knots on all my steers.
It was a little warm today and I am really getting damage from a sunburnt forehead...shame on you sunscreen and makeup with sunscreen, and ripped William Rast jeans.
One of my favorite ladies, Patti came to visit me and I was so excited and happy to see her!
The title of this blog follows with the ending picture because this song has been number
 one on my playlist lately.
Very fortunate and happy to be able to do what I love and have a great horse!
Hope everyone had a beautiful Saturday!
Love ya!

"Be real, be you, be free."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just a lost old soul.

Wearing: Thrifted Vintage Dres$1.00, Jessica Simpson Wedges, Vintage Earrings

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Thursday. We have been getting extreme weather warnings - nickle size hail, lighting, and thunder storms...I say bring it on! We need the rain...in fact I may lite some sage and do a rain dance.
Saturday, I am entering my first jackpot in Firebaugh since New Years and I am beyond excited!
Mo and I have been getting in shape and practicing strongly. We are so ready to win some money and get back in the game. I know that Mo is as excited as I am. He absolutely loves his job and does it so well!!
My boys, Bubba and Cruiser are ready for Halloween...they would love to go trick or treating.
Carter, the pink dog, is Zeb's dog in which I decided to be hair stylist for the day.
I actually bought the color to put small sections of color in my hair...but I tested on Carter first and she looks fabulous! She knows she's pink and loves it...she thinks she's Katy Perry!
You can also notice the new hair in the photos...I am absolutely in love with it!
I gotta run and get Mo saddled...gotta practice!
Love ya!

"She never shook the stars from their appointed courses,
But she loved good men. And she rode good horses."
Margot Liberty

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let Her Inspire You.

Ropers Sports News -October Issue
Let Her Inspire You
By Amy Witt

Her momma calls her an old soul. She calls herself an office fairy. I call her a goddess…the Madonna Inn Heiress.
It's a Saturday afternoon in San Luis Obispo, and I am greeted by Audrey Pearce, dressed in a velour teal vintage rob, her hair tossed and wavy, and looking gorgeous as ever. "You look beautiful." She greets me with a smile. "As do you,” I respond flooded with inspiration.
        "Don't mind the mansion." She laughs as we sit. Decorated with vintage art, magazines, make up, and clothes tossed amongst us, we laugh, smile, tear, and become very much aquatinted in her quaint, humble, comfortable home tucked behind the Inn.
        Inspired by interior design, vintage photography, her favorite artist Georgia O’Keeffe, music, and her grandmother Phyllis Madonna, Audrey loves to write poetry, loves learning how the world connects, and holds strong passion for her family, team roping, fashion, and her family traditions. "The Inn, the way my grandmother decorated it, is so funky, so…me."
        When asked about the Madonna Inn, she smiles with such love for her family. She is very much inspired by her mother, Connie Pearce, her grandmother, and their family traditions. "The Inn is definitely a part of me but I do not hold any title." She laughs at me when I call her an heiress.
        Audrey, 19 years old, is majoring in Psychology at Cal Poly.  Her long term goal is to work with children and teens, and in the near future incorporate psychology into the Madonna Inn. The cowgirl Fashionista competes on the Cal Poly rodeo team, roping horns for Shyan Souza.  The community, the rush…makes her obsessed with team roping. Jackpotting with her family and being with her horses is what she she's fond of. This year's, Oakdale 10 steer, Audrey and her father Clint, successfully roped all 10 steers, something to be proud of.
        Missioni, Versace, vintage. Her face lights up when I ask her about fashion. "Fashion gives you a chance to recreate yourself. It's a way for me to be myself and dress for myself."  For Audrey, fashion allows her to express herself and reminds her not to take things too seriously. Her wardrobe is filled with thrifted items, lots of colors, western clothing, a few high end ensembles, and many sacred items from her mother and grandmother. Her denim high wasted skinny jeans are her favorite staple go to piece, in which she feels confident wearing anytime, anywhere.
        What is not commonly known about Audrey Pearce, the classy, optimistic, inspirational, beacon of beauty, hippie cowgirl- is that she can jam on a guitar and is a die hard for music, especially rock n roll. "I love the sadness in rock n roll. It is beautiful and honest. I love the truth and the stories, and how it makes me feel," she beams.
        Her guitar, an acoustic Recording King, given to her by her parents, is placed delicately in the corner of her bedroom near her bed. A girl after my own heart, she picks her guitar up and plays me a beautiful tune as we both connect and admire her guitar.
        Team roping, music, family, and fashion gives her a peace of mind. She is a very motivated, intelligent, young lady, who every time she opens her mouth, has something inspiring or loving to tell you. Next time you see her at a roping or rodeo, not only do you demand that she turns steers for you but let her inspire you, and ask her to strum her guitar…guaranteed you'll fall in love.
        "Any closing thoughts?" I ask. "Dream. Be happy and love what you do." she says freshly.

Love ya!

"Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much."
John Wayne