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Thursday, November 29, 2012

All good things are wild and free.

Wearing: Forever21 Skirt and lace tank; Vintage broach; Betsey Johnson Necklace; Steve Madden Wedges

All good things are wild and free...I like to think I'm both.
Today has been a happy day...just a happy kinda day.
If you haven't noticed, I added an ABOUT ME page below the header..I also added a button from
Horses and Heels blog
which displays links to all different walks of life...in which I am on there!
So please tell me you have seen Lawless. It is seriously my favorite favorite movie besides Ice Age 4.
It is probably even more my favorite movie because my two favorite actor and actress: Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain are featured in it. I seriously die over Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain is seriously drop dead...I am a sucker for red heads...if I wasn't blonde I'd be a red head...hmm..maybe I should try it.
My below quote is very important to me...something I remind myself everyday.
I am fixing to crack open a bottle of Stella Rosa wine...
after my gym sesh and settle down for the night and listen to it rain.
Love ya!

"Forgiving someone isn't about excusing their actions, it's about freeing yourself from the negativity that surrounds the situation. You're not letting someone control how you feel anymore and you are allowing yourself to move on with life."

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stubborn Love.

Wearing: Flying Tomato, Vintage Sweater, Mossimo Cheetah Wedges

Hello My Loves!
Hope your Thanksgivings' were happy and peaceful!
Sorry I have neglected the blog for a long while...I have been a little under the weather.
I know I've worn this dress before in a previous blog post but I was quite a bit under the weather for Thanksgiving and so I thought I'd make myself feel better and wear this dress for Thanksgiving because this dress makes me feel good and is super fun.[Unfortunately, I really did not see how wrinkled my dress was until after I took photos...sorry] We had quite a few changes this year and had Thanksgiving at my house and it was very lovely. Between my mother and I we drank 4 bottles of Stella Rosa. I am not a wine drinker but let me tell you the Stella Rosa Pink, Berry, and Peach are like mouth watering!
I made my infamous yams but made them a touch different this year and they were delish!
Yesterday afternoon we spent our weekend in Bass Lake drinking, laughing, and loving.
Oh, my title is a title to a song by the Lumineers...If you have never heard of them listen to their "Hey Yo" song and "Stubborn Love" love the guitar.
Love love love the Lumineers...you will too :) !
Hope all is well on the home front.
Promise to be seeing you soon!
Love ya!

 "Women always try to tame themselves as they get older,
but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder."
Miuccia Prada