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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beverly Hills Road Trip

Well hello!
Last weekend my mother treated myself, my maid of honor Monica, and my Aunt Dana to a bridal weekend in Beverly Hills.
We stayed at the beautiful InterContinental. The pics above are at the hotel, as well as, our view from our room which overlooked Beverly Hills and Hollywood.
We visited SUR that Friday evening and Saturday morning the real fun began.
Chamount was our breakfast cafe of choice and jotted over to Panache Bridal by 10:30am for my first experience trying on bridal gowns. I had no luck at Panache in fact I really didn't like it at all...only the Rose Champagne which was delicious especially for a person who isn't fond of Champagne.
Appetizers were up next in which we chose Villa Blanca for pizza and Ginger Ale.
We were to be at Winnie Couture by 2:30.
Winnie Couture was another story. The whole ambiance of the salon was perfection from chandeliers, over sized mirrors to top notch customer service, not to mention I fell in love with one gown....and only one gown. The pictures above is my only gown of choice thus far...however, I still feel it isn't the ONE. I am craving more couture and glam!
I am so fortunate and blessed to have had this whole experience my mother gave me - along with just having my mother, Monica, and Aunt Dana there.
Friday, I have another appointment local for more wedding dresses.
Until then... good vibes!

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Dylan Moran