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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Guts N Grits Photo Shoot

Hello there my friends!
Happy New Year!
Life has been cray cray...but amazing all at once.
I have been so busy with my personal life from my job, to working out, wedding planning, a new puppy, to my personal health issues, to making the decision of buying a house this year,
to just every day life adventures.
Trying to prioritize, not making excuses, or procrastination, is sometimes difficult and my blog has been set aside which I fully regret.
I am trying to accomplish goals in my life and career and neglect many things that are important to me like my blog and sometimes my health.
2014 is going to be my year...in which I have so much to accomplish.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures from the Guts N Grits Photo Shoot.
I had so much fun working with Randi and all the girls.
Check out Guts N Grits website : gutsngrit.com, facebook, and instagram.

I will talk to you next week!
Love ya!

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."
Marc Jacobs

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